Cécile Paris, présentation

Cécile Paris: Présentation

Collective book
Printed book

With the support
of the Centre National
des Arts Plastiques


Édith Commissaire
Julie Desprairies
Pierre Giquel
Frank Lamy
Peter Szendy


Graphic design:
Frédéric Teschner Studio
French / English
21,6 × 27.9 cm
152 pages
90 coloured and black & white ill.
March 2015
ISBN 979‑10‑94527‑00‑9


29.50€ available

This book was envisioned as a visit to Cécile Paris’s home/studio where we opened the cabinets full of boxes containing drawings, photographs, photomontages, assemblages and collages, all captured at real size through the open scanner window, plunging us into the artist’s poetics. In her studio, Cécile Paris has met with Édith Commissaire, Julie Desprairies and Peter Szendy to discuss her practice. Frank Lamy’s words form the introduction of the work and those of Pierre Giquel punctuate the pages.